We are a social enterprise of international team members based in Shanghai and specialise in both inbound and outbound international cultural exchanges.

We have been assisting international university students to gain valuable work experience in the hospitality industry, through high-quality internships in prestigious hotels in China. With our rich experience and network in the education sector in both China and overseas, we extend our services to recruiting international teachers into China as well as helping Chinese students explore other education destinations such as the UK.

Reliable, honest, ethical and respectable, these are the main principles we work on. We work dedicatedly with innovative thinking and culturally sensitive international and Chinese students. We aim at helping them become truly well-adjusted to local cultures and equipped with transferable skills and high employ-ability. For the young teaching professionals coming to China with us, with our professional assistance, we want them to achieve their desired career goals, and have an enjoyable and sustainable career development whilst in China.


For the past three years we have been assisting international university students ingaining valuable work experience within the hospitality industry. We have done so by providing high-quality internships within prestigious hotel chains in China.  We ensure that ourinternships are of the highest possible standard and that the students achievea well-rounded experience by working in various positions throughout their time at the hotel. In doing so they gain valuable skills and knowledge to utilise in their future careers.

Our second focus is to address the high demandforgood-quality English teachers in the Chinese market by bringing in full-time English teachers from the UK and other countries. Based on years of previous experience, strong industry knowledge and an extensive network base in the education sector, we understandthe needforgood qualityEnglish teachers to teach Chinese students.With our professional and personalised work ethos we seek to maximise the teachers’ immersion in the local culture and to achieve empowerment of both the teachers and the students through a strong collaborative relationship with the education institutions they are in.

The latest development of our program scope is to present Chinese students with various British and international study programs, helping them to identify their real interest in further study areas and future career directions. Chinese students taking part can gain an understanding of Western culture and immersion into an English language environment. They can build social and interpersonal skills as well as develop an international mindset.


After completing her Master’s degree in the UK, Kay has spent more than 13 years working with international students and interns from around the globe. A world traveler herself, Kay understands the complexities of finding yourself in a new environment and aims to make every single student feel welcome and always goes out of her way to bridge the gap between cultures, ensuring that both the hotels and the interns are having the best possible experience throughout the entire process.

“There is always a lot of communication to establish our requirements for a candidate and then after a strict selection process, they always find the right person that meets both our criteria as well as that of the intern. They seem to balance the hotel business needs and the intern needs extremely well. In the 2 years that we’ve worked together, I’ve found them to be both professional and responsible. Kay is great as a mentor to the interns, managing their expectations and learning outcomes, constantly giving us their feedback and in return helping them understand their roles and responsibilities. We hope to continue our working relationship, as we both share a common objective, which is for foreign students to get to know China while offering them a pathway to a great career.”

Karen Tang
Human Resource Department,
HUALUXE Wuxi Taihu Hotel


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  • "Kay was such an angel. She is always there for us when we needed her. With Kay you are in safe hands!"

  • “Kay was so helpful during my time in China, she was always there when I needed anything even if it was not program related, always rel