If you are a student right now, studying for your bachelor’s or master’s degree, considering a placement year overseas, look this way:


The program is designed to equip you with both a good understanding and immersion of the local culture, as well as a decent level of local language before you start the hotel internship. This allows you to work well with your local co-workers and get a lot more involved in the daily operations.

The first part is a 4.5-month-long semester of full-time Mandarin with some focus on hospitality related terms to assist you during your internship.

The course runs twice a year; one starts in late February/early March through late June, and the other early September till early January. This coincides with the semesters at the local Universities.

The second part is the hospitality internship at a prestigious 5-star hotel and starts early July, or early January every year, and lasts for around 8 months.

During the internship you will be provided with food and accommodation (normally in same sex twin bedrooms) at the hotel and a local living allowance, normally around £200-300 per month.


From the initial application we will advise you about all pre-departure information such as the best airlines, routes and prices. We also guide you through the visa application process and provide you with the necessary documents and invitation letters.

WeDiscover arranges and pays for pre­departure information, airport meetings on arrival, comprehensive orientation and cultural briefings, support and advice throughout your stay in China. We are available 24-7 to answer any questions before and after your arrival.

If you are at your final year at university, or a fresh graduate, or a few years after your degree, and you are looking for a teaching English job overseas, look here:


China has a huge population of 1.3 billion, and out of that, there are over 400 million are studying English. It includes students from the age of 3 at kindergarten, to university students, to adult students with full-time jobs. There is a huge demand for English teachers in most of cities in China.

Because of the big need and the importance of learning English, the salary for English teaching positions can guarantee quite comfortable living standard in China, with some savings each month.

Teaching in China in general, is a highly respectable job, apart from a nice salary and other perks, this is a factor not to be neglected.


After your initial enquiry, there will be two Skype interviews to go through, the first one with us, so we get to know you better to be able to match you up with a suitable school. The second one is with the proposed school. If you succeed both rounds, and you are happy about the school too,then the next thing is to start getting the paper work done, for your work visa to be arranged. Meanwhile, you will enroll yourself into an online TEFL course, since a notarised TEFL certificate from your home country is part of the necessary documents to get you a work visa for China. When all the paperwork is prepared, you will apply for a visa for China, and also get the flight and insurance arranged, and then wait to hop on the plane and fly out! We will be there with you for every step of the way, from getting the offer to you starting your new China experience as an English teacher.

British education is famous for its high quality. Shanghai, represents new career opportunities in a nation with rich culture and long history. Would you be interested in the combination of these two for your university study? Look here for some options:


Interested in and curious about both the Chinese and British culture?

Want to experience China and learn Mandarin while taking classes in English, and then get a UK degree?

Talk to us and we may have something you are looking for.


No matter if you are just at high school or if you are at your final year at the school and are considering studying in a UK university but not sure if you should study business or engineering…. Make your enquiry today and we can talk to you and see what we can do to help.

Get in touch and tell us what you are looking for then we can arrange a Skype interview, only to get to know you more and see what exactly you are looking for. Then we can contact our university partners and suggest the more suitable program for you. After we have answered all the questions and you feel comfortable about the choice, we will help you start the Chinese visa application process. And then look into the flights and insurance. Meanwhile, we will help you get better prepared with the language and the culture. After the visa is received, and the flights booked, before you know it you will be landing in Shanghai, and getting ready for the exciting experience in the most beautiful and happening area in downtown Shanghai!


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