“Kay was such an angel. She is always there for us when we needed her. With Kay you are in safe hands!”


  1. When did you come to China the first time for the hotel internship? How long did you stay? What’s the name of your hotel placement?

I came in March 2015 and stayed for about six months. New Century Grand Hotel at Hangzhou was where I did my hotel placement.

  1. What was the best story from the last experience that you can share? And the worst?

Looking back, I think the most memorable experience was the people that I met, especially my colleagues. They helped me a lot while I was settling down and during work whenever I needed help they were always there for me. Outside of work, we would have fun together and my internship would not be the same without them. They treated us, a foreigner, really well.

  1. What did you learn from the last experience in China?

Besides the hospitality work-related skills that I have developed, I think the most important thing that I have learned from this experience is to open yourself out and just ask questions! It could be intimidating at first due to the language barrier. However, asking questions is an effective way to learn, if you know how to ask the right questions. Occasionally, if you ask for more responsibilities, superiors would be glad to give it to you and then you can learn from it!

  1. What are the transferrable skills that you learned from last time in China?

Definitely the Chinese language. Moreover, teamwork is crucial for the business, we have to learn how to work and cooperate as a team.

  1. How much Mandarin did you learn from last time? And what’s your Mandarin level now? Do you think you will keep studying it?

The lessons we did were really useful. We were taught day to day conversational phrases as well as technical hotel words. We became more confident to speak to the locals! I certainly would love to keep studying Mandarin. It is a high demand language in the hospitality industry and we can differentiate ourselves when we are applying for jobs.

  1. What about Chinese food? Did you change your way of looking at Chinese food after you left China? What’s your favourite Chinese food?

I love Chinese food! I have Chinese roots so I am quite familiar with the cuisine. I gained so much weight when I was there because all the food was so authentic and delicious! There are so many varieties, you will definitely find something to like. I can never get enough of Chinese food especially the hotpot, barbecue, and xiao long bao!

  1. What would you say to the future students thinking of coming to China for the same experience?

Enjoy every moment, the sound the smell. Learn the Chinese way of living. Have an open mind and heart. You will have an absolutely wonderful time just like I did! Don’t forget to download VPN, WeChat, Taobao, Alipay, and 美团外卖. Your life in China will be so much better with these apps.

  1. Name the top three travel destinations that you have visited while in China, and why?

Yellow Mountains (Anhui), Xianghu Lake (Hangzhou), and Yuantouzhu (Wuxi). These places are so beautiful and scenic. Must go if you love nature!