Virtual Internships In China


Modern technology and decentralised work environments have changed the way we work. The Global village that we now live in has created the ‘Digital Nomad’, an increasingly popular concept for the digital age.

With this technological shift comes a new approach to the traditional internship. Opportunities to gain professional experience while applying your skills conventionally require interns to be physically based out of an office with little flexibility in terms of hours and duration. As working remotely has become commonplace, virtual internships are now becoming the norm.

With over 10 years of experience managing internships and a strong network of innovative businesses and digital enterprises in the international community in China, WeDiscover and weHustle have joined forces to launch Virtual Internships.

If you are currently studying and cannot commit to physically relocating abroad; if you are interested in getting practical work experience with dynamic companies without substantial financial commitment; or you simply prefer the digital nomad style and don’t want to be confined to an office setting, then talk to us today and learn more about the exciting opportunities we have to offer!

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