MINOR HEAT (Xiao Shu 小暑)

Today is the 11th Solar term, Minor Heat, and in another 14 days the Major Heat, Da Shu will arrive. It’s obvious enough that the key word here is ‘HEAT’.
Yes, Minor Heat marks the start of the hottest time of the year, and the Major Heat is the real deal. It’s the time to get the fan and A/C on full speed, eat lots of cold noodles, lotus root. mung bean soup, water melons, and try to avoid walking in the sun in the afternoon. Cicada will be humming all day long up on the trees and fireflies can be easily found in open field at night.
Normally in the east of China, Minor Heat always wraps up the Plum Rain season, so the dry heat is about to replace the muggy raining days.
While in the north and south of the country, after Minor Heat, floods tend to happen in lots of areas because of high frequency of thunderstorms and torrential rains.
Even with the seemingly unbearable heat in most parts of the country, summer is still the most beautiful season. So enjoy the chilled watermelon and crunchy lotus roots and stay cool!