Gaokao 高考 (Chinese College Entrance Exam)

Gaokao is, allegedly, the toughest and largest exam in the world. Every year it happens in the three days of 7-9th June. Most provinces arrange it in the two days of 7th and 8th, while a few others choose to extend it to the 9th.

This year, over 9.75 million students registered for Gaokao, and this number is the highest in eight years.

For a lot of Chinese students in their final year of school, Gaokao could be the most important event in their life, since if they do not get to study in a university then their fate will be likely bound to farm work in their hometown village.

In cities everywhere in the country, during these three days, Gaokao is given high priority to make sure the students can focus on this occassion. Traffic is restricted to keep the environment quiet and student buses get escorted to the test sites by traffic police.

Good luck to 2018 Gaokao students!