We are an international team based in Shanghai and specialised in inbound and outbound international cultural exchanges. We run three types of programs:
Hospitality Internships in China 外国青年学生来华 文化+酒店实习项目
For the past three years we have been assisting international university students in gaining valuable work experience within the hospitality industry. We have done so by providing high-quality internships in China within prestigious international hotel chains. We ensure that our internships are of the highest possible standard and that the students achieve a well-rounded experience by working in various positions throughout their time at the hotel. In doing so they gain valuable skills and knowledge to utilise in their future careers.
English teaching in China 全职英语外教引进项目
Our second focus is to address the high demand for good-quality English teachers in the Chinese market by bringing in full-time English teachers from the UK and other countries. Based on years of previous experience, strong industry knowledge and an extensive network base in the education sector, we understand the need for good quality English teachers to teach Chinese students. With our professional and personalised work ethos we seek to maximise the teachers’ immersion in the local culture and to achieve empowerment of both the teachers and the students through a strong collaborative relationship with the education institutions they are in.
Study programs in the UK 中国学生海外学习项目
The latest development of our program scope is to present Chinese students with various British and international study programs, helping them to identify their real interest in further study areas and future career directions. Chinese students taking part can gain an understanding of Western culture and immersion into an English language environment. They can build social and interpersonal skills as well as develop an international mindset.