Manchester City Football Club Summer program (少年足球夏令营,了解一下!)

Each summer parents put a lot of thought and research into choosing a summer program for their children. One of the focal points is, what kind of program would make your children learn useful skills, as well as have lots of fun?
Now various international summer programs are available to the children. How to make the wise choices has become more of a challenge. Wether to get as much exposure as possible in one trip by doing multiple diverse activities, or to focus on only one or few points and achieve some in-depth learning experience, that’s a question.
If your child likes football, or sports in general, and would like to get better at sports, the football and language summer program by Manchester City Football Club, could be an excellent option.
It’s a 2-week program in either July or August, at the home stadium of Man City football team. There are three groups for students mixed aged 9-11, boys 12-17, and girls 12-17 respectively. Children from over 60 countries will train together, and improve English together through all kinds of games and group activities related to sports.
Apart from the football and language training, one of the valuable points of this program, is to help the children broaden their understanding about the sports related career opportunities. For example, how to be a football club manager, a sports commentator, a sports analyst, or a sports journalist.
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