10-Day Cross-Cultural Startup Challenge

For innovative individuals 针对创新人才

Presented by WeDiscover + weHustle 联合出品

It’s 2020 already. At the beginning of a new decade, it’s good timing to ask yourself, if you have had a clear understanding of your career path? 都2020了,对于自己的未来职业生涯方向,你想明白了吗?

If one or more of the following points sound familiar to you, then you should check out this program! 如果以下有一点或者多点符合你的想法,来报名挑战一下自己吧!

  • Have some unique business ideas, but not sure if you have what it takes to start your own business instead of working for someone else
  • 有对职业生涯的独特想法,却不知道自己是否适合创业
  • Want to have an in-depth understanding of the international start-up culture in the Chinese market
  • 想对中国的国际创业文化有近距离认识
  • Want to improve your business English/Mandarin level and train yourself to switch comfortably between two languages and different ways of thinking
  • 想提高商务英语水平,在双语环境中游刃有余,切换自如
  • Want to perfect your public speaking skills in both English and Mandarin
  • 想提高自己的双语演讲展示能力
  • Want to add something different to your resume to stand out from your peers
  • 想为下一步追求学业背景提升
  • Want to upgrade your social and professional network
  • 想提升自己的商业人脉

Who is this for? 为谁设计?

  • University students 大学生
  • Recent graduates 毕业生
  • Individuals interested in innovation and startup scenes 有志创新创业的青年人才
  • Chinese young talents who want to improve pitch/presenting skills in English 中国创新创业人才,渴望提高跨语言跨文化路演能力和技巧
  • International young talents who want to improve pitch/presenting skills in English/Chinese 国际创新创业人才,渴望提高跨语言跨文化路演能力和技巧

Why should you take the challenge? 为何参加?

  • Have a real case challenge from a real business 参与真实创业团队的真实挑战
  • Learn about the innovation mechanism within a startup 近距离学习创业团队的创新功能
  • Train to work well in a cross-cultural team 训练如何在跨文化团队里自如发挥
  • Gain problem-solving skills under time pressure 提高在压力之下解决问题能力
  • Improve English, especially spoken English, by leaps and bounds 大幅提高英语口语表达能力
  • Improve presentation/pitch skills, public speaking skills 提高公众演讲和路演技巧
  • Expand horizon about future career options 开阔职业发展道路,为自己增加新选项

What is the program structure and what you will get out of it? 项目具体结构+参加这个项目能获得什么?

  • You will work in a team of 4, including 2 foreign and 2 Chinese. 每个小组由4名成员组成,包括2名中国组员,2名国际组员
  • Each team will be assigned to one of the startups, where you will directly deal with a founding member. 每组会被指定一个创新企业团队,在两周中和该创新企业资深员工有深度互动
  • Working on a real case allows you to get hands-on experiences and market insights. 与真实创业企业交流工作,是得到第一手珍贵经验和市场理解的好机会
  • You will see what are the challenges startups are dealing with, witness the real pain points of running a company, and you will be able to contribute to the solution with your team. 你会有机会看到创业企业会遇到的困难与挑战,目睹运营企业的真实痛点,而你会和你的组员一起开动脑筋迎接挑战,出力献策
  • You will receive a program completion certificate. 项目结束后有结业证书

When is it happening? 时间档期?

  • A 2-week cycle, starting designated Mondays, finishing the following Fridays 以2周(10个工作日)为单位,从周一开始,次周周五结束
  • Minimum 4 hours per day commitment is required during the 2 weeks 需要参与者在这两周内每天至少投入4小时时间

How does it work? 怎么参与?

  • Inquire 咨询
  • Interview 面试
  • Apply 申请
  • Confirm the dates 确认档期
  • Engage in the project 参与项目
  • Complete the challenge 完美结束

Apply here: or scan the QR Code below