Our experience in China so far

A week into our China adventure and what an amazing experience it has been so far. From taking our lives into our own hands every time we cross the road, to navigating the metro and chasing dumplings all around the bowl with chopsticks skills that leave little to be desired; we have been immersed in a culture wildly different to our own back in the UK.

Constantly being in the shadow of jaw-droppingly tall buildings, is quite the experience two small-town teenagers from the north of England may never quite get used to. Now a week into our summer internship, the media world here in China is thoroughly enjoyable to work in as we continue to learn about the type of stories that do well on Chinese platforms.

One aspect of work-life that that has somewhat surprised us, has been the constant influx of food and drink deliveries into the office. Rather than adventure afar for lunch many of our colleagues’ food comes to them which is something unheard of back home. Us, on the other hand like, to keep things old school and go out for lunch. Sampling some dumplings at our local xiaolongbao.

Tasting Xinjiang food on our first night in China, we dived straight into the deep end trying as many different foods as we could. With the Dragon Boat festival been held over this long weekend, we have finally found a moment to rest in the city that never sleeps.

Author: Tom and Jack, UK